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China 's auto parts industry in 2016 on the accessories market chaos to give the rating policy

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Based on the automotive market, the current chaos of the accessories market has been the pain of consumers, on the other hand, some have the ability to provide high-quality accessories manufacturers, but also because there is no influential certification body to give rating, and therefore bear the manufacturing " Fake and shoddy "legal risk, not to mention a lot of accessories related to the huge market vendors, suppliers, emerging business platform difficulties.

July 7, in order to solve the existing problems of the auto parts market, Ping An Property and Casualty United States NSF officially released to promote the automotive aftermarket certification accessories. The two sides will use their respective automotive aftermarket accessories to promote the experience and historical data, combined with the status of the Chinese market and the use of common habits to jointly establish and promote a new set of accessories certification standards.

China's auto parts industry 2016 policy: accessories market chaos to give rating

The purpose of this project is through the implementation of automotive certification through the country, to have quality assurance, the source can be traced back to a legitimate identity. Not only to improve consumer acceptance of non-original after-sales accessories, but also to help users replace the cost of accessories and related insurance costs.

NSF President and Chief Executive Officer, Kevin Lawlor, President of the National Institute of Standards, and BobFrayer, Global Manager, NSF Automotive Certification, introduced NSF's market position. Mr. Bob Frayer details NSF's resource advantages as the largest automotive after-sales certification body in North America and Australia, including 1, rigorous product testing standards, and compliance requirements for production plant audits; 2, NSF staff testing and certification experience Rich, engineers, chemists, toxicologists, microbiologists and so on.

2016 - 2021 China auto parts paint industry operating situation and investment strategy research report shows that, based on the Chinese market, NSF official that the current after-sales parts certification, especially non-original parts of the demand is huge, the future of China's auto market share Will continue to expand, the growing demand for high-quality parts, will be the future of China's auto market opportunities, the cooperation time point of this period is very appropriate, with the prospects for cooperation with Ping An Insurance.

And China Ping An Property and Casualty as the second largest property insurance company, with 40 million auto insurance customer data accumulated, with the country 70,000 auto repair shop to establish cooperation, to understand the domestic auto market and now the owners of the consumer habits.

In the formal cooperation to promote the release before the Ping An Property and Casualty has been with the United States NSF technical experts and senior after-sales market set up a project team to the US aftermarket recognized, independent aftermarket bumper production standards modeled on the launch of China's auto sales Accessories certification standards. China Ping An Property Insurance Co., Ltd. Mr. Zhu Yougang on this cooperation concluded that the future will bring four positive effects:

1, the future can be said that China has the ability to cultivate China's auto parts business, China Ping An and NSF as a standard setter to promote China's manufacturing to the world.

2, for the Chinese consumer auto parts consumption transparent escort, to bring consumers a transparent, fair consumer experience.

3, for the future of China's automobile manufacturing, sales to regulate the orderly development and optimize the competitive environment.

4, push the Chinese insurance industry, the Chinese claims service integrity development. Ping An Insurance will be based on the user experience, from the "car insurance" to "car service" the ultimate "car life" role to enhance.

The event also invited the auto parts manufacturer Dongyang, accessories dealers car parts children, as well as auto repair chain brand master sheet metal spray and small thumb and other enterprises, from their respective perspective, for the automotive industry after the development of industry standards expressed expectations.